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The Association, along with other Community groups & the residents of the area at Killcare Heights known as 'the triangle' have recently become aware of a planning proposal which could result in 50 houses for residential/ tourism being built on part of the 'triangle' area. The area is currently zoned E4 Environmental Living. 

There are between 20 and 25 large blocks of varying size in the triangle area, with only minimum residential development allowed in the past.  The planning proposal is for 2 of these blocks, a total of just over 6 hectares.
One block adjoins the Bells resort with a frontage on Scenic Road and the other extends from the back boundery of Bells with a frontage on Maitland Bay Drive.

The Association believes that there are several reason to oppose this development. One of the main concerns is the precedent that would be set for even more subdivision of the area. You can read more about the proposal, read WTKCA's letter to council and  and learn of ways to comment to the councillors on a special website called SaveKilllcare.org - Please click on the link below and help save our beautiful natural environment. 






After several deferrals of discussion at GCC meetings because of a lack of a quorum, occasioned by councillors being absent on leave or because of pecuniary interests, the proposal was withdrawn by the proponents in early July 2015. It was expected that it would be resubmitted after community consultation A small group of people comprising representatives from the the Killcare Heights Resident E4 group, the Wagstaffe Trust and our representative Ian Bull met with the proponent's representative and architect in mid July but it seemed that the issues of the community would not be seriously considered.

The proponent has now resubmitted the application (unchanged) to Council and it is on the Council Agenda for discussion at the Council meeting on Tuesday October 27th.








As mentioned above the proposal returned to Gosford Council on 27th October. After presentations by a spokesperson for the developers and by David Legge on behalf of local Bouddi organizations and those opposing the proposal, the councillors voted. And the result - 5 votes to 1 to reject the proposal.

Round one, a win, but stay tuned and vigilant! 



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