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   Click here for a full transcript of the second part of Michael's talk relating to renovation of their Wagstaffe house and concluding with Q & A Session including related images
Coming Soon - Watch this Space for the audio (Second Part + Q&A)
Michael delivered an inspiring talk, strengthening the resolve of all members who attended in fighting for the unique character and environment of this special area.
He was born in the UK. When his father enlisted in WW2, his Mother took the family to Kerry in Ireland. After returning to the UK, in the course of his schooling, Michael attended a school for architects and engineers which had a strong flavour of the trades and the guilds of old England. When he was 16 the family migrated to Katoomba which they found strongly reminiscent of Ireland. Michael attended Katoomba High School where his maths teacher took a special interest. Through the use of colours and geometry he turned low scores into honours,  entry to Sydney Uni. and finally a career as an architect.
He developed a love of Inner Space in a building - atriums, courtyards, conservatories - a haven from the world. Also important to Michael are a sense of context and of place in relation to the environment. All this strongly influenced by the love of geometry brought out by teachers in Brighton and Katoomba.
During 1957, his final year at University, Michael designed his first house, based on a Tree House design he was playing around with at the time.
Michael joined the Department of Public Works. Dr. Wyndham became Director of Education in NSW in the 60s, introducing Year 12, putting the school building program into chaos. At the age of 29 Michael was put in charge of Public Works Secondary School Program and they designed 43 schools in the first 3 years.
The design of Stewart House, strongly influenced by Michael’s preoccupation with geometry, follows the slope of the land and makes the most of the fantastic views which were especially appreciated by disadvantaged children. Buildings such as St. George Hospital, the Hilton Hotel in Cairns and the Polish Community Church in Mariong, are built around the Atrium concept and are full of light and open space and provide a feeling of community. All these buildings display his exceptional talent for utilising geometric patterns in his designs.
Project houses became fashionable in the 70s. They were often built in the bush on steep hillsides and blended in with this environment. He also designed attractive housing commission homes, low level, overlooking a central space. This space was to encourage community development. Even the State bricks were used decoratively. Whether the house was expensive or inexpensive the same principles were followed – blending in with the landscape, atriums, emphasis on geometric patterns and community identity.
During this period Michael conceived the idea of housing co-operatives and had to battle firstly bureaucracy and secondly the banks to make this a reality. The concept resulted in significant cost saving.
The renovation of the Dysarts' Wagstaffe home reflected the 50s generation when it was built. That generation had lived through the depression and WW2 and there was a lack of money, labour and materials. 50% of houses at that time were owner built. The 65 square metre house had 5 light switches and 6 power points. Michael’s guiding aim was to pay respect to the people who had lived there 50 years ago.
He is philosophically opposed to the excesses expressed in McMansions. Our area on the Bouddi Peninsular is unique and interesting. There are no curb and gutters and “shabby” is beautiful. “Keep it that way or it will end up looking like Baulkham Hills or Terrigal” he says.

Click here for a full transcript of the second half of Michael's talk relating to renovation of the Wagstaffe house and concluding Q & A Session including related images. 


Central Coast Nature Watch is a project involving a number of partner organisations including Gosford, Wyong and Lake Macquarie Councils, National Parks & Wildlife Service, Rumbalara Environmental Education Centre, Association of Environmental Education (Central Coast Branch) and the Community Environment Network (CEN).

The Nature Watch Diary gives community members the opportunity to record what is happening in the natural environment around us, day by day, throughout the year.

It also gives the community an opportunity to rediscover the seasonal changes and co-happenings in nature which the Aboriginal people observed and understood so well in the thousands of years prior to European impact. By transferring observations to your diary you will also be keeping tabs on the diversity of plants and animals within the Central Coast region.

The diary includes a summary sheet in the Appendices. Update this summary sheet throughout the year and send  to CEN at the end of the year. CEN coordinates and compiles the information sent in and provides feedback to Nature Watchers and relevant organisations.

To find out more or to join the Central Coast Nature Watch Network and obtain a diary click here


Gosford City Council website is displaying a series of Maps and Fact Sheets covering various sea level rise scenarios. Click here to go to the GCC webpage.


The Wagstaffe to Killcare Community Association has made over a dozen submissions to GCC on the new draft Local Environment Plan.  This has entailed many hours of work by members of the committee with the assistance of Dr Helen Monks, a local consultant on town planning issues. You can view these submissions in various forms below and also go to the GCC DLEP website to read further about the DLEP.  

CLICK HERE  -   to read the text of the Associations 12 submissions.
CLICK HERE  -   to view the Association's actual submission documents + synopsis


  Pretty Beach School captains, Siann McPhee and Cosmo Porter-Witt raising the Australian and Aboriginal flags.


The traditional Australia Day Ceremony & Breakfast by the Bay at Wagstaffe, presented by the Wagstaffe to Killcare Community Association in partnership with Gosford City Council, was again a great success. Over 600 happy people attended and, after the ceremony concluded, willing volunteers served up over 700 breakfasts.
The day commenced just after 8am when aboriginal artist, Kevin Duncan, presented a 'Welcome to Country' and the flags were raised by the Pretty Beach School captains for 2010. After the singing of the National Anthem and a 'Toast to Australia' led by MC Graeme Blundell, the crowd listened to addresses by the Mayor of Gosford, Chris Holstein as well as the Central Coast members of parliament and National Australia Day ambassador, Bruce Elder. The keynote speaker was Ms Anne Summers AO. Other special guests included Gosford Citizens of the Year for 2010, David & Christ Bidgood and several aboriginal elders from  Walgett.
Interspersed between the addresses was entertainment provided by Ken Tough reading Banjo Paterson's 'In The Droving Days', Meg Toon singing and leading the crowd in 'The Drover's Dream' and 'Waltzing Matilda' and the Pretty Beach Preschoolers with 'Singasongalong'.


Monday April 12 - The full text of the Commissioner's judgement is now available on the Lawlink website:  click here

Monday March 8 -
Commissioner Brown ruled today that the development failed in certain key areas and was therefore rejected. There were three main reasons for non-acceptance.
Firstly, the proposal was not suitable as it was not in keeping with the surrounding character of 2 storey modest housing in a leafy area on wooded slopes.  The proposed multi storey appearance in bulk from ground level and from the water contrasted significantly with the surrounds. Despite this specific block of land being zoned commercial, the final usage still had to be compatible with the neighbourhood. The Commissioner ruled that DCP159 (Council's character DCP) has standing as detailed support of the relevant LEP.
Secondly, the Commissioner cited the removal of 100 trees with no possible replacement on site was excessive loss of vegetation.  He did not accept that landscaping would have any affect and felt any backdrop was likely to be lost.
 Thirdly, the Commissioner said that the exceeding of the height planes for the building was not acceptable. The lack of privacy, bulk and scale were also not acceptable.

Friday March 5
- The court hearing ended today and we are hopeful of a positive outcome. A decision will be announced at 3pm on Monday, March 8. If the decision goes our way that will be the end of the matter, otherwise the battle will continue. 

Above: Wednesday March 3 - Over two hundred members of the community who arrived for the on-site inspection to protest the development. Here they listen to statements being made by community representatives in support of Gosford City Council against the project.



Wednesday March 3 - Apart from hearing statements from community representatives, the Court spent the day examining the site itself and adjoining properties.
In the photo on the left they are looking at the rear of the properties. The proposed construction would remove a major part of one of two remnant spotted gum forests in this area.The height and bulk of the proposed building are indicated by the sight poles which the court required for the inspection. The poles have been enhanced for clarity.
In the photo on the right members of the community gather under Killcare's famous Yum Yum trees prior to the start of proceedings.


The community has been fighting this contentious proposed development for over eighteen months. We are facing issues such as bulk, threat to our treasured local character and scenic quality, traffic congestion and removal of significant trees. The few remaining trees would be endangered by inevitable water table changes caused by the excavation.

Community concern has been so strong that it produced over 600 individual objections to the original proposed development in 2008 and 731 individual objections to the second attempt in 2009.

We appreciated Gosford Council’s rejection of the proposed development. However, this has resulted in the developer challenging in the Land & Environment Court. Despite Council’s best efforts the battle is not over!

Gosford City Council has assembled an excellent legal team and expert witnesses. We hope that this action, combined with significant community support, will persuade the Court to reject the developer’s proposal and preserve our heritage.

The developer has, in the past three weeks, made many changes to the application in an attempt to satisfy Council’s technical requirements (mainly measures to reduce the Floor Space Ratio or FSR). We have been wading through these amendments and believe that, while they may go some way with regard to technical requirements, they in no way address community concerns.

Local community groups, including this Association have been assisting council's solicitors, Donnellans, wherever possible. Association members, Fay Gunther and Richard Harper, were selected to appear and speak to the court on behalf of the Association & the community (see above). The Hardys Bay Residents Group and other community groups also provided speakers.




  Gosford Australia Day Ambassador, Julie Goodwin, addresses the crowd.


The traditional Australia Day Ceremony & Breakfast by the Bay 2011 at Wagstaffe, presented by the Wagstaffe to Killcare Community Association in partnership with Gosford City Council, was again a great success. Over 600  people attended and following the ceremony WTKCA volunteers served up over 600 delicious breakfasts.
The day commenced just after 8am ith a  'Welcome to Country'. The Australian National Flag and the Aboriginal Flag were then raised by the Pretty Beach School captains for 2011, Lachlan Mackay And Elizabeth Payne. After the singing of the National Anthem and a 'Toast to Australia' led by MC Graeme Blundell, the crowd listened to addresses by the Mayor of Gosford, Cr Laurie Maher as well as by Cr Jim MacFadyen And the Gosford Australia Day Ambassador, 2009 Masterched winner, Julie Goodwin. The keynote speaker was Mr James O'Loghlin, well known ABC TV presenter of 'The Inventors'.
Interspersed between the addresses was entertainment provided by Ken Tough, The Half Tide Rock choir led by Meg Toon and the trio Liss'n Sweetie.
After a Prayer For the Nation led by local identity Tom Jackson and a Citizens' Affirmation Pledge, Liss'n Sweetie singers Helena Brunner & Margaret Brew led the crowd in singing 'We are Australian'.
WTKCA conducted a raffle in aid of Pretty Beach School and the Red Cross collected for flood relief on the day. 




Two issues with the same common thread. The Energy Australia Substation and Liberty Proposed Restaurants DA –These are both situated on an area of land which was the subject of an exhaustive battle fought against the original developer by Council, this
Association, other groups and local residents through the Land & Environment Court. While the Court approved the Service Station construction, the property was subject to stringent protective covenants which were attached to the Land Title and thereby enshrined for the future. The main measure being a protected bush band 10-15 metres wide surrounding and intersecting the property. This bush
band had only three small gaps on the Poole Close side. The original block was subsequently subdivided however the protective covenants still apply to both blocks.

Energy Australia essentially approved their own Development and Review of Environmental Factors, disregarding the L&E Court covenants and despite all objections proceeded to bulldoze large areas of their block preparatory to construction commencing. They
have torn out substantial portions of the protected bush bands including mature swamp mahogany trees. This Association is objecting strongly against this action and you are encouraged to do the same.
Address objections to :–
Energy Australia -
Attn: James Hunkin, Area Development Manager,
Central Coast & Attn: Graham Lucas, Project Development
Manager, Central Coast –
email: majorprojects@energy.com.au
and the Mayor (PO Box 21, Gosford, NSW 2250
or email laurie.maher@gosford.nsw.gov.au)

DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION FOR REFRESHMENT ROOMS & CAR PARKS (DA38092/2010) on the Liberty block between the existing Service Station and Wards Hill Road.
These plans show the proposed buildings and southern car park and cleared areas taking out 5 metres of the 15 metre protected bush band adjacent to both Wards Hill Rd & Poole Close as well as removing a large mature eucalyptus, all specifically protected by the Court order. This application has not yet been decided (Feb 28). We have lodged an objection with Council’s Planning Dept. and objections have been lodged directly with the Mayor who, in a recent ABC interview said “I certainly have [received] no objections of any sort in relation to it”
While the period for submissions has closed it would be useful to reinforce in the Mayor’s mind that there are in fact many objectors!
Address: Mayor Laurie Maher, PO Box 21, Gosford,
NSW 2250,
Or email laurie.maher@gosford.nsw.gov.au







At a Special Meeting called by the Association on March 14th, G.C.C. representative David Medcalf spoke on and answered questions about the proposal by the council's Traffic Committee for the the Killcare Rd/Araluen Drive intersection and precinct at Killcare/Hardy’s Bay.   Mr Medcalf provided the background to the proposal, noting the work done by Council’s traffic consultants, and listened attentively to all the community discussion.

Overall, the community did NOT accept the Council’s proposal, and instead considered that a much more low key approach would be preferable, reflecting the character of the area, the need for safety for pedestrians, the much higher volumes of traffic and pedestrians in holiday periods, and the need to recognise the location of the rural fire service and its requirements.

Many comments were made by those present, all noting the importance of that area to our local community and its village atmosphere.  As Mr Bruce Lay (architect, planner and heritage consultant) noted in his letter to the meeting which he was unable to attend:  “The setting of the Heritage item as well as the collective heritage value of the Bay are both important to the approach to the intersection.  Looking at the archival photos – it was a simple uncluttered space – and the aim should be to keep this”.  Comments from the community supported a low key approach to the area, with minimal signage, minimal loss of parking, without double lines, and a wish to calm the area generally, rather than giving priority to any one ‘through way’.  A suggestion of three pedestrian crossings in the existing roads would apparently be overwhelmed by the corresponding regulatory requirements.

Residents questioned the approach by the Council’s consultants and their spot check of traffic movements. There was concern that the time chosen did not reflect the holiday period when many more people visit the area, nor did it reflect local realities of how people cross the road, as all three roads are crossed.  In addition, it was pointed out that the fire brigade needed access to all areas of the Peninsula and that this should not be impeded by a throttling at the formal pedestrian crossing and road narrowing  as proposed in the current proposals by Council. 

Photos of two T junctions in Umina were displayed to illustrate an approach that was felt more acceptable by those present, with a slightly raised surface, hatching, and fewer restrictions than would be required if a formal pedestrian crossing was to be installed.

After extensive discussion, two resolutions were passed by the community:

Motion 1:  Passed unanimously
That this meeting does not accept the proposed Council Plan as it introduces features that we do not want. Instead we look for a simpler plan such as a raised area, that does not change road priorities, alter street widths, introduce double lines, and diminishes so much parking.  We comment that this is not a traffic intersection.  It is our village centre, and this is the atmosphere and practice that we wish to maintain in accordance with our character statements and history. 

Motion 2:  Passed unanimously
That this simpler plan involve simple signs, such as ‘keep calm’, and the area be painted to give visual attention to this. 




The Association has initiated a survey of local residents to ascertain whether a return journey on the Palm Beach Ferry from Ettalong to Wagstaffe would be viable.  Currently the ferry operates to a set route - Palm Beach to Wagstaffe to Ettalong & back to Palm Beach. Several local residents have expressed the desire to be able to take a ferry to Ettalong for shopping, medical appointments or for a movie session and to return to Wagstaffe by ferry rather than be forced to wait for one of the two bus services at around 3.15pm or 7pm.  When responses to the survey are compiled the Association will approach the management of Palm Beach Ferries with the results. Survey forms are available at the Wagstaffe Store or from the Secretary.



Bespoke Properties, the company which last year proposed a seven floor development on Araluen Drive, Killcare, will soon submit a revised and somewhat scaled down plan for the same site. Detailsl were presented to the Hardys Bay Residents Group meeting on February 22nd last. The concept sketches showed a much reduced three story development.
There will however be three storeys across three blocks so every effort will be needed to reduce impact on the streetscape.
While plans had not been finalised Association members were heartened to see a serious attempt in that direction by separation of major elements and articulation of the Araluen Drive frontage.
The Association supports the comments of local architects at the HBRG meeting encouraging the design team to continue in this approach and encourage them to put every effort into an outcome which complements local character.
The Association was concerned however that proposed internal parking provisions, while no doubt the minimum required by regulations, would not accommodate any visitors to either the four residential units or the two commercial premises.
Final plans are expected to go to Council in mid-March. The timeline for comment after that depends on council.
It is hoped that preliminary graphics of the development can be shown at the Association's March meeting at the Wagstaffe Hall on Monday 14th March at 7.30pm.



The October Long Weekend saw another very successful Art Fair at Wagstaffe. "FRESH COLLECTIONS' included many vibrant & colourful contemporary art pieces. Featured were paintings by multi award winning colourist Sheila White, landscapes on silk by Margaret Fortey, 'Nuno Felted Wearable Art' by Cherry Steele and many fine paintings by Denny Hoffman, Jean Sott, Barbara Aubrey & Felicity O'Connor.
Despite the inclement weather on the Sunday, over 750 people viewed the exhibition. And on the Sunday our local Garden Club & the Pretty Beach PreSchool were pleased to almost sell out of their cakes, jams & other goods.
On behalf of the organizing team, Jean Scott writes :

'Thank you to everyone in the community and the visitors who came to support our art exhibition.  The attendance exceeded all expectations even though the weather was so dreadful on Sunday.
We sold paintings worth more than $9000 and a percentage of sales will go to WTKCA. The entry donation raised over $1000 and the raffle raised $450.  This money will go to the Half Tide Rocks Track project.
The lucky prize winner of a dinner for two at Bells was Angela Kennedy.  Our thanks to Bells for their generous donation & support.
Thanks to the artists who certainly provided a Fresh Collection of art and a lively and relaxed atmosphere. Also, thanks to their husbands who worked hard too.
Special stars of the show were Margaret Fortey's 'TURKEYS'  - they broght a smile to everyone's face and several threats of 'going to get a shot gun'!  Unfortunately due to the weather they could not be displayed on the Sunday.
Thanks to all who helped and to WTKCA for their support, but especially to Graeme Anderson who is now a fully licensed Eftpos operator and barman; he certainly got a lot of practice.
It was a fun weekend and all for a good cause. Thank you to all helpers & visitors. Any volunteers to organize the next one?'

Turkeys under the Peppercorn tree                Gotcha!                                                         Learning the techniques

                                   Only part of the display                                      The 'Special Stars'




Trash & Treasure is on again on Easter Saturday, 7th April from 9.00am to 1.00pm.



Donations of goods can be made at the Wagstaffe Hall on Thursday 5th April from 5.00pm until 9.00pm or all day on Friday 6th April (Good Friday).  If you need a pick up for your donations please contact Ian on 4360 2945.    

Goods of all sorts are welcome with a few exceptions.

Books, CDs, DVDs. household goods, glass ware, china ware, bric-a-brac, soft goods, children's toys, small appliances, small furniture, luggage, basketware, paintings, picture frames, kitchen ware, sporting goods - all welcome.

The exceptions?  Please no large furniture items such as wardrobes, lounges, refrigerators etc. No older TVs please.  Kitchen appliances and other electricals must be in working order. And please no older, yellowed paperbacks.  Thank you.


The hall doors will open at 9.00am sharp on  Saturday 7th  and close at 1.00pm

All proceeds will go towards the improvement and maintenance of the hall.




The Association has arranged for a FIRST AID COURSE led by a trainer from St Johns Ambulance to be held at Wagstaffe Hall on Saturday 21st July 2012.   The cost is $120, reduced from $190 and numbers are limited to 24.  Please get in touch with Jeanette as soon as possible to book your place in the course.




AUSGRID, the company doing the work on new power poles etc, have advised the Association that, depending on the weather of course, the final closure of Heath Road necessary to complete the works will be Monday 26th March from 9.15am to 2.45pm.

The Association has negotiated with the council to have the 'dogtrack' open on that day, if necessary,  for emergeny vehicles. However, a request has been made that anyone parking at the Hardy's Bay end of the 'dogtrack' not park in the turning circle to allow free access for emergency vehicles.  Also, being a Monday, garbage vehicles will need the circle for turning. 

We also note that, after requests from the Association and local residents, the council are in the process of grading and laying some gravel in the 'soggy' bits of the 'dogtrack'.   




Local residents and members of WTKCA, Helen & Paul Robinson, have for some time now been helping the Familia Hope Orphanage in the village of Gleno in the emerging nation of East Timor. A fundraising event to be held at Wagstaffe Hall in July will help buy a used 4WD vehicle for the use of the orphanage.  Helen & Paul hope that local residents will support this event and the associated raffle.

Tickets for the raffle are already on sale at the following outlets :
At Killcare - L'Annaneta, Moochinside, Bay Beauty Escape, Velvet Blonde, Killcare Cellars & the Fat Goose
At Wagstaffe - Wagstaffe Store
At Umina - Peninsula Office Supplies & Zapp's Hair Salon
At Kincumber - Kincumber Dental Surgery







Another year has passed, and this one – fortunately – has had more opportunity to develop projects for the future, building on the work of those who came before us. We have been fortunate in not having to contend with a major ‘out of character’ development as in the previous year. Instead, it has been a ‘transition year’ in effect, developing new projects which will, we hope, delight the community over the years to come.

First, thank you to all the committee members and those who have assisted with all our community events and fund raising. We rely on you all, and without this collaborative and cooperative effort, we would not move forward. Out standard events, such as Australia Day, Trash and Treasure, the monthly meetings, the website, management of the tennis court and Talking Turkey’s production and delivery, rely on the leadership of the great organisers and the rest of us who can do their bidding in supporting this work. Australia Day was wet this year, so numbers were down and we were forced inside, but the sound management of Roger Hayward and Fay Gunther (on food) ensured that all participated, were fed and happy, while Trash and Treasure on Easter Saturday raised over $4500 under the always
able stewardship of Fay Gunther with the support of many too numerous to mention. In both events we received support from Gosford City Council while Tony Hudson continued to donate eggs and Graeme Blundell was our ever lively MC for Australia Day celebrations.

Apart from the Committee, we get support from many people but I would like to mention some in particular: Michael Rasic and Tom Jackson who handle so much of the maintenance around the Hall, Colleen with the longstanding raffles, and Keron and the team at the Wagstaffe Store. To all of them and to those whom I do not name, thank you.

This year, we have worked on a number of projects that the incoming committee will continue. These include: the extension to Turo Park, artistic poles at the Hall, discussions on a walking track to Half Tide Rocks, and the tennis court development. All of this work builds on efforts from past (and present) Committee members and the community, shows developing community standards and approaches, and is guided by the institutional memory held by such members as Fay Gunther and Robyn Warburton.

Other projects have included the installation of the smart new bubbler with dog drinking bowl, at the Hall, and the care and nurture of the second replacement tree at the Square, including saving it from Ausgrid wires, and planting around it by Bill, Ray and others. But sadly that tree has been poisoned, it appears, by a non community minded person or persons, so the incoming Committee will work out where we go from here, as it helps none of us if we give up after all the effort already expended. And sadly, the poisoning of the tree has highlighted that no matter how beautiful the area, there are some who spoil it for others. Consequently, our experienced Treasurer Graeme Anderson has been working to develop a ‘fridge magnet’ (to be distributed to residents of our area, courtesy of the Association), which will list emergency contact numbers and the number to use to report crimes.

Our Hall is the focal point for our activities: our meetings, the arts shows, performances put on by other groups, the regular yoga, pilates, bridge, Knit2 chat too, fitness, and community group meetings. In an average month about 700 people attend the Hall, ranging from groups of 6 to 120, and this calendar year has seen the further development of the Friday night ‘Wharf at Wagstaffe’, bringing in up to 150 people each month. Maintaining the facility requires a lot of dedication, effort, and funds too, as $81,000 has been spent over the last 6 years on various improvements such as the sound system, the floor beneath our feet, and air conditioners. It requires also
respect for the building by those who hire it, and good management skills to balance competing needs, which we have in the form of Roger Hayward.

But as you all know, we work outside the Hall as well. The George McDonald boat ramp was officially named at a well attended function in November in the presence of George and his wife Judy by Deborah O’Neill, our local federal MP. Christmas in July was celebrated by 75 enthusiastic participants, the June and October art/craft fairs were enjoyed by many and raised funds for the projector, the talking turkey deliverers continued to ‘strut their stuff’. We also lobbied for change in the design of the Empire Bay refreshment room DA and made some progress, as no occupation certificate will be provided until bush regeneration has been done, although other issues
remain. We have reactivated our older plans – derailed by the Hardy’s Bay development saga – of providing bollards along the Hall front adjacent to the bus stop so that a safe pedestrian pathway is provided, and discussion continues with Council on this. We have continued work for a ferry stop at Ettalong on the return journey from Palm Beach, and this lobbying continues.

In fact, lobbying is a never ending process, and in this we work with other organisations also. I am pleased to say that more recently we have made more direct contact with the Pretty Beach P&C Association, working with them on drainage near the school affecting children and parents walking to school, on the planned extensions to Turo Park, and the development of the tennis court area. After discussion with the P&C and Council, the latter organised the first public consultation on what to do with the extended passive park area. Future public meetings will be held once Council advises the basic costs of infrastructure and its maintenance requirements, as
Council has made very clear that the community organisations will need to fund the infrastructure. So we will be liaising with the P&C and other groups on dates for future meetings, and then hope to develop our community plans for the extension, based on community views and the input of all organisations. This may take some time, with phased development over a number of years, but we hope that the next financial year will see the acceptance of an agreed plan and possible start on some of the infrastructure.

This financial year will see the extension of facilities at the tennis court area. With great support from Angus Kell and discussions with others, a submission was made to our local State Member, the Hon Chris Hartcher MP, for a community building partnership grant. After a series of follow-up discussions, we were successful in obtaining $28,000 for planned developments incorporating an enlarged children’s play and seating area. However, as this grant was less than planned, follow-up discussions are taking place which will incorporate suggested other changes to the location of a shade cloth and improved pathways. We will be required to report back
on this to the Department of Premier and Cabinet, but trust that by this time next year, the project will be completed and tennis court patronage will rise further.

Two other major projects are underway, one of which we hope to complete more quickly than the other. Some time ago, Anne Jackson suggested that we erect some artistic poles, and work is now taking place to bring this to fruition. Council agreement has been sought, and meanwhile, there have been many and continuing negotiations with Ausgrid to obtain some of the old hardwood telegraph poles for use. And after some rocky difficulties in this process, we now have some poles, and under the artistic and experienced direction of Terry Baker and Jean Scott, we hope that community efforts will result in adding more beauty and interest to this area. Meanwhile, a project that will take longer, but for which we have set money aside, is a proposed formalisation of the walking track to Half Tide Rocks.
Again, many people and organisations are involved in this process, negotiations are ongoing, and we do not expect any quick outcome. But as you all know, we get there in the end and rely on many people’s good sense and collaboration in our work.

Cooperative and stimulating discussion is what you get in this community, and never more so than in the WTKCA Committee, which has laboured long and hard this year to bring about the traditional events and to develop new projects. In this we rely on all your expertise, your talents, and your initiative. Our invitation for more people to assist us in this task was rewarded with responses from Alex Sharp (to assist Graeme in his Treasurer role), with Jeanette Martin and Margaret Crane (taking over from Robyn Warburton in editing Talking Turkey), and in many of you joining us in the work during Australia Day and Trash and Treasure, and in many other things besides. We invite more of you to continue this collaborative work this coming year, particularly as many of us need backstops when we go away,
or suffer illness, so there are many unsung heroines and heroes here.

So thank you to everyone for your help and comment during this year, and to your ongoing participation in our community. And I would like to thank – in no particular order - all members of the executive for their hard work - Gay, Robyn, Fay, Graeme, Bill, Richard, Roger, Ian, and more recently Alex – and to note that we rely on a complex mix of skills to bring about positive change in this community, particularly as sometimes I am in far flung places! Thank you. Next year we will have the joy of bringing a number of projects to fruition, and continuing work on others, and I am sure that the incoming Committee will work with you to make this an even better place to live.

Peta Colebatch, President. 14 May 2012





- a community event held on Sunday 4th November at 4.00pm 

Over 300 people were present at Wagstaffe Hall to thank our firefighters.  Most people helped by bringing along a plate, so that eight large tables groaned with delicious food. Extra food as well as wine, beer, soft drink, tea and coffee were provided by the Association.
The Association's President, Dr Peta Colebatch thanked the assembled crowd for coming and of course lauded the firefighters for a job well done. Her remarks were received with sustained cheering for the firefighters.  Local fire brigade captain, Michelle Biddulph, responded and also reminded us of the need to prepare for the future.
Present on the day were local councillor, Jim MacFadeyn and local member Debra O'Neill. Ms O'Neill auctioned a presentation pack of two bottles of Parliamentary wine signed by the Prime Minister, raising $500. Together with many donations, large and small, a total of over $8400 was raised on the day for our local brigade.
A personal donation of $10,000 from local identity, John Singleton, was also announced. 
WTKCA member, Ian Bull put together a slideshow of the fire event and this was much appreciated by the crowd. It is hoped that this presentation can be made into a DVD and made available to the community.     


Note: All photos by Elaine Odgers Norling - elaine.norling@gmail.com





The NSW Government recently released a GREEN PAPER which outlined proposals for a new planning system for the state.  This followed a review of the current planning system by an independent panel.

In commenting on the Green Paper, the Central Coast's Community Environment Network stated - " The Government's vision for planning in NSW presents a real threat for the environment and communities.  The Green Paper is weighted towards developer interests at the expense of environmental protection, adequate community consultation at all stages of the development approval process and appeal rights so that legitimate concerns regarding over development can be reviewed or heard in the Land and Environment Court."

The Association sourced a copy of the Green Paper and held several meetings at Committee level to discuss it,  and local town planner, Dr Helen Monks, addressed our monthly meeting in September on the issues which could be important for us.  Subsequently, our Co-Presidents, Dr Peta Colebatch and Ian Bull have forwarded a submission on our behalf. There is a link to the submission below.

The closing date for submissions has now passed.  The next step will be the release of a government White Paper, perhaps later this year. Following consultation on this Paper, an Act will be be promulgated and presented to Parliament.  There will therefore be continuing opportunities to make our views known. In fact there would certainly be no harm done even now to write to the Premier, the Planning Minister and/or your local member. 

Click HERE to link to our Association Submission.

Click HERE to link to the Department of Planning Review website - you can download or view the Green Paper & the Independent Panel's reports.

Click HERE  to link to the website of The Nature Conservation Council of NSW - a SUBMISSION GUIDE  guide with a summary of key issues & additional points of concern for the environment and communities.



The Association has been  in contact with several GCC officers regarding the possibilities for the use of, and the need for facilities in, the area recently added to the park.  This additional area came as a result of council acquiring and demolishing two houses adjacent to the existing park, they being in a seriously flood prone area. One suggestion being discussed and researched is the provision of a trike track for small children aound the circumference of the area.

It appears that council does not have any funds to improve the new area.  However, any facilities that may be financed by the Association and/or the community generally would need to be to council specifications, be sourced from council suppliers and installed by the council. The costs may well be prohibitive - for example a picnic table & bench set costs over $3500. Tha Association Committee has also looked at a bike/trike track installed by council in a small park on the Woy Woy peninsula - cost over $80,000. This type of installation may well be more than is needed in Turo Park.  Have a look at the pictures below.

The Association would like some feedback from the community before going on to a more formal community consultation. You will find the extension area to the left of the existing Turo Park.  It is intersected by the creek over which council has installed a rather 'unglamourous' concrete bridge. See our HOME page for FEEDBACK addresses.

  Nambucca Rd PlaygroundThe Bone Shaker

  Wall Turns




There are two trips each day from Ettalong to Wagstaffe, leaving Ettalong at approx. 12.20pm and 16.20pm.  

Passengers need to make sure to be at the Ettalong wharf in Ferry Road before these times to avoid being 'trapped' for a long period.

Some people have found that, if going to Ettalong for a set appointment or a movie, it works best to leave Wagstaffe early and return at 12.20pm.

There are no 'middle of the day' ferries from Wagstaffe to Ettalong. ie after 10.50am and  before 2.20pm.




The Wagstaffe Art Project began in early 2012. Long time Association member, Anne Jackson, suggested placing some painted poles in the circular garden in Wagstaffe Square to complement the then flourishing pine tree.   After much discussion it was decided to progress the idea but to locate the poles near the wharf as a welcome to Wagstaffe and the area.  Anne had previously seen such painted poles in other locations and felt that they would enhance our area.

Fortunately, Ausgrid was installing new electricity poles and wires at the time and members of the Committee felt that some of the old poles might just do the trick. The very clever negotiating skills of our Co-president at the time, Peta Colebatch, resulted in five of the old poles being delivered by Ausgrid to the grassy area behind the hall. 

Onto the stage at this time came our local Master woodturner and carver, Terry Baker and local artist Jean Scott.  Terry and Jean offered to lead the project, helping community members to carve and/or paint the poles.  Gosford Council was approached and approval was given for the project. The council of course will ensure that the poles are placed where no damage is done to underground services.

Then the heavy lifting!  Ausgrid had delivered the poles to a point between the two picnic tables behind the hall - we needed to have the poles near the dividing fence and behind the toilet block and in a position raised off the ground for carving.  Thanks to very clever 'engineering' skills of our other Co-president, Ian Bull and the help of Terry, Michael, Tom, other WTKCA members and various 'passers-by', the feat was achieved and the poles were ready for carving.

All this happened in mid 2012 and come October the carving was well underway.  A happy band of up to 10 carvers chiselled away on 3 poles.  You could see lizards, an echidna, flowers, possums etc, at various stages, appearing out of the timber.

Finally, in 2013 the three finished spirit poles were completed and with the help of GCC and a fair amount of money from the Association they were erected on the grassy slope, looking out to Brisbane Water near the wharf. Some time later a ceremony was held to mark the erection of the poles. This was a happy occasion attended by many local residents. It included a very moving smoking ceremony conducted by a local aboriginal man.

Following this the carvers continued carving on a fourth pole.  This one is being carved to honour local firemen who fought the fire
which occurred in the area in October 2012.  It is expected that it will be finished soon (March 2014) and hopefully, if approved by council, erected on the other side of the approach from Wagstaffe Wharf.

Following that, the carvers are hoping to put their efforts into carving some unusual park furniture - table tops, benches etc for the park.
And after that, who knows?

As of March 2014, several carvers have unfortunately had to leave the team because of personal or family illnesses.

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