Wagstaffe to Killcare Community Association

Bouddi Society

The Bouddi Society is a cultural group which organises events and publications to raise money for local charities and to provide the opportunity for the community to join together for artistic, musical and other cultural occasions. The Society emphasises creative activity in the arts, writing and discussion that help to enrich awareness of the beautiful place in which we live and to 'celebrate time, place and community'. It also supports other groups in their social and environmental awareness, concerns and actions.
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Killcare-Wagstaffe Trust

The Killcare Wagstaffe Trust, "The Trust", seeks to preserve the natural values of the area and its general ambiance, and to promote a sense of community and place.
In line with this aim of "The Trust", major planning and development proposals in the area are reviewed and a report made to the next general or committee meeting. Where it is thought appropriate, a response is made to Council.
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Hardys Bay Residents Group

The Hardys Bay Residents Group works for a positive lifestyle and a healthy environment in and around Hardys Bay.
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